Sell More with Configure Price Quote

Top Preforming CPQ software from RenaissanceTech and Syncsite

Infor's top CPQ and CRM partners are teaming up to introduce Infor CPQ! With Infor CPQ your organization will create quotes faster, sell more products, and eliminate order errors. Infor CPQ organizes all of your product options and creates a configurator to quote your products in real-time, including pricing.
Turn your average quoting time from a couple of days/hours to 15 minutes!


  1. Quickly quote complex products
    Preparing quotes for complex products can be tedious but, with a guided selling tool, this becomes a lot more simple. Significantly reduce your sales cycle time with Infor CPQ software. 
  2. Stand out from the competition
    Close more deals by providing a fully configured quote with 2D product visualization for your customers, in minutes. Being able to provide quality quotes in minutes, sets you aside from all of your competitors and increases sales.  
  3. Eliminate order errors and re-entry with CRM & ERP integration
    Find your customer in your Infor CRM and configure a quote internally. Once the customer is ready to purchase, the quote is automatically sent to your ERP system with the click of a button. Then it's made into an order with BOMs, routings, and building instructions for the shop floor. There is no need to rekey orders and risk order entry errors.  


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