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How do you achieve rapid order fulfillment with zero finished goods inventory?

The typical residential double-hung window has more features, options, constraints and configuration complexity than nearly any other industry’s product set. In a normal make-to-stock operation, this would drive finished goods inventories to unaffordable levels. Yet the competition for make-to-order windows, doors, countertops, and the like is so fierce that manufacturers have had to develop a production process that takes a custom order through the shop to the shipping dock in less than 72 hours. Finished goods are stored, literally, on a truck on its way to the destination.

Needless to say, this requires very detailed and accurate order specifications from a Dealer network of “measure & quote” people who have less than an hour to measure all the windows in a home, generate dimensioned drawings, prepare the quote, and make the sale. So, how is that possible?

Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) provides a platform to manage all of this complexity in one place, thereby increasing sales with quick and accurate quotations and higher close rates, reducing costs by elimination of errors and omissions in pricing, and reducing cycle time by transferring orders electronically directly into the manufacturer’s ERP system complete with job BOMs, routings, cut lists, and work instructions.

Boost sales

Infor CPQ will provide your selling and distributing teams the strong ability to increase your quote accuracy and number of sales. No matter if you deal in custom windows with slats and finishes or replacement windows.

Increase Your Sales Team's Performance Infor CPQ largely minimizes the training time for new hires in sales. Allowing them to significantly reduce their quote-to-order cycle. Your team will have a streamlined sales method to successfully and quickly guide a customer through all the selections and make the sale. Close-out discounts and Manufacturer promotions can be shown to the entire sales network via the software, allowing for precise initiatives.

Be the Number One Distributor. CPQ also makes it simple for lumber yards, wholesalers, architects, and other distributors to easily manage custom products and include product additions. You are able to present a properly integrated quote to the customer from any device. You can also calculate useful metrics for shipping, such as volume, weight, and size of an order. With more powerful and diverse capabilities, creating custom orders becomes as simple as pushing off-the-shelf products.

Let Customers Visually See Their Order. CPQ gives your users multiple visualization tools to use, allowing customers to see practical images of the options as they make decisions about finishes, style, and hardware. Your Sales team can also display applicable product details, such as performance and energy data, which can help in the selection process. Add to the buying experience with two dimensional or 3D renderings of the finished product.

Easily add new styles and pricing. CPQ allows you to roll out new products to market quicker and more effectively. You can update new styles and pricing electronically according to your production plan.

Encourage and Efficient Up-sell  Give you sales reps the tools to identify and offer high margin options to improve profit. As the item is configured, sales reps will see the projected profit. Even the newest sales reps will be able to contribute to your overall margin objectives and the customer's needs.

Reduce costs

With Infor CPQ, you can reduce costs, speed sales, and accelerate delivery times by improving order accuracy, automatically generating sales documents, and decreasing errors from manual input.

Deliver the perfect order. With a consumer-focused sales approach, as-promised means delivering as-promised. Customers can visually confirm the configured doors or windows at the time of the proposal, so the order you turn over to manufacturing will be produced to the exact configuration, at the expected costs. Use Infor CPQ to help produce or form the perfect order, and you’ll avoid the time, effort, cost, and customer frustration caused by an inaccurate fulfillment.

Automatic BOMs/Routings and shipping instructions. Infor CPQ automatically generates BOMs and manufacturing instructions and integrates with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to store these instructions with production orders. The system can also create 2D drawings of products and assemblies to clearly show the shop floor exactly what to build. So that you can increase yield and reduce scrap. This information and drawings can reduce a large number of errors that creep into every manufacturing or distribution process.

Strengthen your brand

You will make ordering smooth and enjoyable for customers, and you’ll increase the efficiency and accuracy of your internal processes. So that you deliver exactly what the customer requested, quickly. Your sales and distribution networks will be able to move more custom doors and windows easily and generate repeat business.

Configuration designed for You. Customers favor a door and window manufacturer when they can see innovative features, and new designs that clearly meet their needs better than a competitors’ offerings. You need to be flexible with custom goods to keep pace with changing tastes, efficiency standards, and building codes. Infor CPQ gives you the option to optimize the door and window options presented to the customer, while ensuring that the final configuration results in a door or window that can be manufactured

Create a consistent buying experience. Customers may interact with a wide variety of people on your extended sales team as they’re making their order decisions. Whether they’re exploring on the web, picking features on a tablet while standing with a dealer, or talking with a sales rep on the phone, Infor CPQ ensures that your products are represented in the exact same way, every time. Buyers will be reassured when they can see your sales reps, external reps, and customer-service staffs work together during the sale—even referencing previous custom orders. They’ll also feel more comfortable knowing that the quality of your products will extend to the service they’ll receive after the sale.

Give customers a rich visual experience. With Infor CPQ, your brand image will be strengthened because the overall customer experience will be more enjoyable. You’ll provide customers with a rich visual experience using images and all relevant product specs, which become part of your dynamic sales proposal. A visual confirmation of an as-promised door or window reduces the opportunity for missed expectations resulting from an order error.

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