Manage Early Forecasts & Timely Order Specifications

How do you satisfy the wish list of a customer who wants delivery in a few days or weeks when your product has a 4-6 month takt time?

Boat & Yacht Manufacturers and their affiliated Dealers have confronted this problem for many years, with many different solutions; solutions which generally involve forecasting long lead-time items (hulls, engines, etc.) well ahead of the coming season, and then periodically refining the forecast by feature by Hull Number as their individual lead-times demand. And, of course, the Dealer can install many of the last minute accessories from his local dealer prep & parts inventory. This is a process often referred to as “Progressive Order Definition” and it requires precise and timely communication from the Dealer to the Manufacturer.

Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) provides a platform to manage this process by employing a rules-based configurator that is sensitive to the lead-times of each feature/option and alerts the Dealer to “reconfigure” selected line-items and make the time-sensitive selections. Likewise, there is a time window where the Dealer must finalize the configuration and release it for production, or cancel the order.

Increase sales

Infor CPQ gives your sales force, dealers, and distributors powerful capabilities to address all of your customers’ specific requirements.

Your sales team will have the tools they need to quickly and easily find the exact configuration that meets a customer’s requirements, giving you an advantage over your competitors.

Boost sales performance. Infor CPQ can significantly reduce the learning curve for new sales reps so they can quickly attain better quote-to-order ratios. You’ll be able to capture the best sales strategies of your experienced sales reps and use them to teach less experienced sales staff how to successfully guide a buyer through hundreds of options and make the sale.

Make selling easier for dealers. Infor CPQ makes it easier for your dealers and distributors to present a single comprehensive quote together with your boat and their own product add-ons and services. You’ll become the easiest brand for them to sell. As a result, they’ll help you reach more customers and deliver a better combination of products and services.

Help customers visualize their boats. Infor CPQ gives your sales team visualization tools for the ordering process so customers can see realistic images of the hull and interior as they make style and accessory choices. By enhancing their buying experience with personalized renderings of the final product, you’ll be able to enhance your sales.

Better manage model-year transitions. Infor CPQ helps you more quickly and efficiently manage new model-year transitions. You can roll out new models, product features, and price books electronically—exactly according to your plans. Responding to new innovations and updated sales strategies is no problem. With Infor CPQ, you can meet competitive pressures by continuously rolling out minor product improvements and pricing changes throughout the year.

Upsell more effectively. Sales reps get tools to help them offer high-margin accessories and features that improve profit-per-sale. As the order is being configured, reps will be able to see the projected profit so they can make suggestions that meet your overall margin objectives, as well as your customer’s requirements.

Reduce costs

With Infor CPQ, you can reduce costs by improving order accuracy, automatically generating sales and manufacturing documents, and decreasing manual input.

Deliver the perfect boat. You’ll be able to ensure that your customers have made all of the choices they need to make, and that the order you turn over to manufacturing will be produced to the exact configuration, on time, and at the expected cost. By delivering the perfect order, you’ll avoid the time, effort, cost, and customer frustration caused by delivering the wrong product.

Automate manufacturing instructions. Dynamically create bills of materials and manufacturing instructions, and integrate with your ERP system to store these instructions with the production orders. You can also have the system generate 2D drawings and 3D models of boats and sub-assemblies to clearly show the shop floor what to build. These dynamic instructions and drawings can eliminate a substantial number of errors that can creep into even a well-run manufacturing process.

Reduce labor requirements. Dramatically reduce the labor required to fulfill an order with Infor CPQ. You'll be able to use a rules-based approach to avoid labor-intensive creation of thousands—or even millions—of “star parts” with all of the combinations of choices for your products. Because price changes flow through the system to dealers, you can eliminate the effort of producing price books. And, you won’t need to rekey orders into your ERP system after they were already configured in the quote system.

Strengthen your brand

With Infor CPQ, you’ll have the tools you need to differentiate your company from your competitors.

You’ll be able to make the ordering process smooth and enjoyable for your customers, and increase the efficiency and accuracy of your internal processes so you deliver exactly what your customer ordered—on time.

Innovate faster. Customers have a higher regard for manufacturers that offer fresh, innovative features that clearly meet their needs better than a competitor’s offerings. Infor CPQ helps you speed up the pace of innovation by freeing your engineers from the selling process. This liberates your engineers from low-value-add, repetitive selling assistance, so they can focus on high-value-add product innovation. Customers can complete the buying process faster because they don’t have to wait for an engineer to evaluate their special requests.

Create a consistent buying experience. Boat buyers may interact with a wide variety of people on your sales team as they are making their order decisions. They could be exploring options online; picking out features on an iPad® while sitting with a dealer on a yacht; or talking with a manufacturer sales rep on the phone. No matter the touch-point, Infor CPQ makes sure that your products are represented the same way every time. Buyers will be reassured when they can see your sales reps, dealers, and customer service staff working together during the sale. Knowing that the quality of your products extends to after-sales service will offer your buyers further assurance.

Deliver quality. Customers switch brands when they don’t get the product they ordered on time and exactly the way they ordered it. Infor CPQ makes it possible to fulfill the same level of quality for highly configured boats and yachts that customers expect from off-the-shelf products. Infor CPQ perfectly captures your customer’s requirements and then presents them so your customer can easily confirm that you know what they want. Next, CPQ automates the creation of the bill of materials and manufacturing instructions to build each product, sending them directly to the ERP system to manufacture.

With Infor Configure Price Quote for Marine Sales and Manufacturing, you get the tools you need to increase your sales, reduce your costs, and differentiate your brand.

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