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Aesthetics is a sense of what is beautiful and it is often said to be in the “eye of the beholder”. Some beholders have a innate talent for selecting design elements, color schemes, textures, and accessories that are appealing and compelling to the general public, and others do not. So, how does a manufacturer sell the customer what he wants to buy, while guiding him to solutions that achieve a more universal aesthetic? Organize all product options in one place with CPQ for Furniture and Fixture Manufacturers.

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Manage The Aesthetic Process

Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) provides a platform to manage this process by employing a rules-based configurator that is sensitive to the pairings of aesthetic elements and can either “forcibly constrain” bad choices, or provide guidance to a better choice through its visualization engine. More importantly, these mechanisms can operate across line items in a shopping cart. For example, the fabric selection and wood species selected for a sofa can contain or guide compatible selections for a love seat or other line items in an quote or order. Just as a sales engineer can enforce what is technically feasible for a engineered system, an interior designer can suggest what is aesthetically pleasing for the fabrics and color schemes of a corporate reception area.

Stand Out with Custom Quotes

Anyone who sells your products will have the tools they need to quickly and easily find the exact configuration of dimension, color, fabric, finish, and hardware that meets a customer’s needs.

Make it easy for dealers.

Make it easy for retailers and other distributors to quote their own product add-ons and services in order to present a single integrated quote to the customer. You’ll become the easiest brand for them to sell. As a result, your distribution channel can help you reach more customers and deliver a better combination of products and services.

Help customers visualize their orders.


Provide your sales team with visualization tools to use in the ordering process, so customers see realistic images of the style and accessory choices they make for furniture pieces or window treatments. By enhancing their buying experience with personalized renderings of the final product, you’ll enhance your sales.

Better manage product transitions.

Manage transitions quickly and easily as you create a new line-up of offerings. You can roll out new fabrics, finishes, dimensions, and pricing electronically and according to your exact plan. You can also roll out minor product and price changes at any time to incorporate new innovations or adapt to new sales strategies.

Upsell more effectively. 

Sales reps receive tools to help them offer high-margin accessories and features that improve the profit-per-sale. As the order is configured, reps can see the projected profit, so they can make suggestions that meet margin objectives and customer requirements.

Reduce Costs and Errors

Deliver the perfect order.

Ensure customers have made all the necessary choices and that the order you submit to manufacturing reflects the exact configuration, is on time, and is produced at the expected cost. By providing the perfect order, you’ll avoid the time, effort, cost, and customer frustration caused by delivering the wrong product.

Automate manufacturing instructions.

Dynamically create bills of materials (BOM) and manufacturing instructions on the fly, and integrate with your ERP system to store these instructions with the production orders. Infor CPQ also allows you to generate 2D drawings and 3D models of products and assemblies to clearly show the shop floor what to build. These dynamic instructions and drawings reduce errors that can creep into even the most well-run manufacturing process.

Reduce labor requirements. 

Dramatically reduce the labor required to fulfill an order. You’ll be able to create a rules-based BOM process to avoid labor-intensive creation of thousands or even millions of “star parts” with all possible combinations of product choices. Because manufacturing instructions are recorded only once, you can introduce product innovations more quickly and eliminate the production of price books. In addition, you won’t need to rekey orders into your ERP system since they were already configured in the quote system.

Strengthen Your Process with CPQ

Innovate faster. 

Customers prefer manufacturers that provide innovative features that meet their needs better than competitors. Infor Configure Price Quote solutions help furniture and fixture manufactures acceleratethe pace of innovation. Instead of low-value-add, repetitive selling assistance, engineers can focus more on high-value-add innovations in products, styles, and features.

Create a consistent buying experience.


Customers interact with various people on your sales team when ordering. Whether they’re exploring on the web, picking features on an iPad in a retailer’s showroom, or talking with a sales rep on the phone, Infor CPQ solutions ensure your products are represented the same way, every time. When your sales, field, and customer service teams work together, customers are reassured of your company's enduring quality.

Deliver quality.


Customers switch brands when an order is late and doesn’t reflect the desired configuration. Infor CPQ solutions make it possible to attain the same level of quality for your made-to-order products that customers expect from off-the-shelf ones. First, Infor CPQ perfectly captures customer requirements and presents them for confirmation. Second, the solution automates the creation of the bill of materials and manufacturing instructions for each product, sending them directly to your ERP system.

Infor configure price quote solutions for household, office, and institutional furniture and window treatments provide tools that help increase your sales, reduce your costs, and differentiate your brand.

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