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    “With Infor SyteLine, we’ve already seen a great return, saving $50,000 annually. We’ve also reduced financial statement preparation by 7 hours each month, and cut physical inventory from weeks to 2 days, expecting to do a true cycle count soon and save over $300,000 a year.”
    Jeff Forman, VP And General Manager

Real-time Engineering

It is less about features & options, and all about fluid dynamics.

The buyers of pumps, compressors, or HVAC-R equipment have a very specific job to get done. They need to safely move specialty chemicals from storage to mixing vats near the boiler, or to pressurize a gaseous compound for injection into the reactor, all while managing critical relationships between temperatures, pressures, density, and viscosity. So, selecting and configuring the right pump or compressor for a job requires the ability to feed job specifications and their overall operating range into a set of thermodynamics and fluid dynamics algorithms.

Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) provides a platform to manage this process in several ways. First, CPQ can recognize that configuration may operate in stages: a first stage to select a base model, and a second stage to configure that model to the specific job specs. While CPQ has a powerful scripting engine with all of the power and versatility of Excel functions and macros, this may be inadequate. The Manufacturer probably already has a variety of computing platforms programmed to solve the most complex fluid dynamics algorithms. Rather than attempting to recreate them in Configurator rules, Infor CPQ provides methodologies to encapsulate those external routines as intrinsic funtions within the CPQ configuration flow.

Increase sales

Infor CPQ gives your salesforce and distribution channel the powerful capabilities they need to increase the business you quote and the orders you win.

Everyone selling your products will have the tools they need to quickly and easily find the exact product configuration that meets customer requirements.

Boost sales performance. Significantly reduce the learning curve for new sales reps, so they can demonstrate the engineering knowledge about your products that customers expect. With Infor CPQ, you’ll be able to create a streamlined selling approach to successfully guide a buyer through all the options and help you attain a better quote-to-order ratio.

Make it easy for distributors. Make it easy for distributors to quote their own product and service add-ons, so they can present a single integrated quote to their customers.

They’ll be able to use a 24X7 self-service online order configuration and management system to reach more customers and deliver a better combination of products and services.

Help customers visualize their order. Give your sales team visualization tools to use in the quoting process, which allows customers to see realistic images of the available options and their final order. Sales reps also will be able to display other relevant product information to aid the selection process.

Better manage product innovation. Quickly and efficiently develop new products to meet marketplace demands for technical innovation. You can roll out new products, options, and pricing electronically, according to your exact plan. You can also roll out minor new product and price changes at any time to incorporate new innovations or adapt to new sales strategies.

Upsell more effectively. Sales reps receive tools to help them offer high-margin options that improve the profit-per-sale. As the order is configured, even new reps are able to see the projected profit, so they can make timely suggestions to meet overall margin objections and fulfill customer requirements.

Reduce costs

With Infor CPQ, you can reduce costs and accelerate sales by increasing order accuracy, better utilizing your equipment, and better managing material costs.

Deliver the perfect order. Customers can visually confirm the configured pump or meter during the order process, so you’ll be confident the order you submit to manufacturing reflects the customer’s exact configuration, is on time, and delivers the expected costs. Use Infor CPQ to help produce the perfect order and you’ll avoid the time, effort, cost, and customer frustration caused by delivering the wrong product.

Automate manufacturing instructions. Create bills of materials (BOMs) and production instructions dynamically, and integrate with your ERP system to store these instructions with production orders. Generate 2D drawings and 3D models of products to clearly show the shop floor what to build, thereby increasing yield and reducing scrap. These dynamic instructions and drawings can help eliminate errors that can taint even the most well-run manufacturing operations.

Reduce labor requirements. Dramatically reduce the labor required to fulfill an order. You’ll be able to create a rules-based bill of materials process to avoid the labor-intensive creation of thousands or even millions of configured part numbers. Because the manufacturing instructions are recorded only once, you can introduce product innovations faster. In addition, pricing and product descriptions are part of the Infor CPQ sales interface, so price books production is unnecessary. And you won’t need to rekey orders into your ERP system since they were already configured in the quote system.

Strengthen your brand

With Infor CPQ, you'll compete better by shortening cycle times, increasing order accuracy, and enabling distributors to provide more high-value consultative support to customers.

New tools make customer ordering smooth and hassle-free, while increasing process efficiency and accuracy. You can deliver an exact order—on time.

Innovate faster. Your brand is strengthened when you offer more technical innovations than competitors. Infor CPQ helps you control research and development costs and accelerate the pace of innovation by freeing engineers and other technical professionals from the selling process. They can instead focus on higher-value contributions to your business.

Create a consistent buying experience. Customers may interact with a wide variety of people on your extended sales team during the ordering process. Whether customers are exploring online, choosing features on a tablet with distributors, or speaking via phone with customer service, Infor CPQ represents products the same way, every time. When your sales and customer services teams work together, customers are reassured of your company's quality.

Deliver quality. Delayed or inaccurate deliverables may drive customers to competitors. Infor CPQ helps bring the same high quality for configured pumps and meters that customers expect from mass-produced products. First, Infor CPQ perfectly captures the requirements and presents them for customer approval. It also automatically creates the bill of materials and manufacturing instructions for building each product, which is sent directly into the ERP for production.

Companies that specialize in manufacturing configured material handling equipment like pumps and meters can use Infor CPQ to increase sales, reduce costs, and differentiate their brand.

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