Remote Advanced CPQ Training

Expand Your CPQ Skills

Join us for an 8-hour training course covering advanced techniques of Infor CPQ. The class is broken into four-hour sessions, over the course of two days. Attendees will learn system maintenance, UI styling, dynamic option lists, web service calls/lookup variables, innovative rules techniques, and more. Advanced Training is a combination of instructor led presentations and hands-on rules development for an effective and interactive session. This virtual Infor CPQ training gives experienced users new CPQ skills and inspires breakthroughs in software capabilities for your company. Go above and beyond your current CPQ system's capabilities!


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Remote Advanced CPQ Training

  • Time: TBA
  • Price: $1,000.00 USD

Workshop Key Takeaway:

  • Advanced Tips & Tricks for Configure Price Quote (CPQ) rules development.

  • Who should attend:

  • Existing rules writers
  • Rules writers who want to expand their CPQ skills

  • Session Prerequisites:

  • Attendees must have access to Infor Design Studio.

    Training Topics:

    • System Maintenance - Backing up your database & rulesets, clearing out trace files, running updates, and organizing your matrices.
    • UI Styling - branding, horizontal options, layouts, and styles.
    • Create Dynamic Option Lists - Create option lists from data outside of Design Studio.
    • Web Service Calls and Lookup Variables - Query information real-time from your ERP or other data sources within Configurator.
    • Collections/For Each Loop
    • Matrix Rows Lookup - Lookup multiple lines of data within one lookup request.
    • Table Detail Rules - Display information in a table format.
    • Views & Profiles - Cater the rules experience to the user or group using your system. Customize the options, questions, and look based on a profile.
    • Load Component Rules - retrieve data from another configuration (useful for pulling in data from other lines).
    • Advanced Functions - Adding expressions in matrices, eval functions, add and remove ranges, and more.

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    *Training is not available to Infor Partners and Infor associated resellers