Infor Document Automation

Maximizing the Configurator With CPQ Document Automation Software

Make current, relevant product information available on demand by adding Infor® Document Automation. With this application, you can dynamically generate Microsoft® Word and Adobe® Acrobat PDF documents.
Whether you need to generate proposals or submittals from your quoting system, technical specifications from your online portal, production documents from your ERP system, or personalized product brochures from your marketing website, you’ll be able to do it quickly and easily with Infor Document Automation.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce sales cycle time by delivering personalized proposals, submittals, and other sales documents
  • Communicate effectively by crating warranty and other performance documents, specific to user selections.
  • Close business quickly by generating personalized contracts focusing only on terms related to the business at hand.
  • Reduce errors by producing shop-floor documentation that includes drawings and detailed instructions specific to the order.
  • Deliver value to your channel by providing material safety data sheets, installation instructions, and other documents that ease the setup and use of your product
  • Deliver a rich experience by including elements such as images, drawings, tables, and graphs with dynamic application data and selected product attributes in your dynamic documents.

Personal documents on demand

You can set up Infor Document Automation to produce personalized documents on demand from virtually any business or web application. A document can represent a single product or multiple products, as in a quote or order. You’ll be able to generate a variety of documents using CPQ’s configuration content, including proposals, submittals, contracts, specifications, instructions, warranties, datasheets, and regulatory statements.

Setup and maintain with ease

Setting up Infor Document Automation is as simple as creating template documents in Microsoft Word to define the style of the output document. You can define any boilerplate text, bookmarks, or intelligent tags in the template. The Infor Document Automation engine processes these tags at runtime to include information based upon your selections. These selections can include configurator options, or simply attributes or data elements within the business application.

Use with multiple applications

You can use Infor Document Automation from a variety of business and web applications. You also can generate multiple documents from a single application process. For example, during quoting, you can use Document Automation to deliver external proposals, warranty and specifications sheets, and internal review documents. While you don’t need Infor Product Configurator to run Infor Design Automation, the application works seamlessly in configurator environments. The engine includes user selections and other configurator outputs as part of the generated documents.


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