Can Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software integrate with my existing ERP system?

Configure Price Quote software can integrate with your current ERP system. We have existing integrations with VISUAL and Syteline (CSI) ERP systems. Custom integrations can be written upon request.

Do you have to have an IT background to write rules?

You do not have to have an IT background to write rules. Anyone well versed in their product and domain knowledge with basic technical skills can write rules. We conduct CPQ training sessions for beginners when introducing our software and can further assist with additional training.

How long will implementation take?

Implementations vary, on average implementations take six to twelve months.

How will Configure Price Quote software look with our ERP system?

The configurator that is launched out of your ERP system, Sales Portal, and if needed, your website, is the same. The configurator will look exactly the same coming from all systems. With that said, if you want it to look different than the default, there are rules that allow you to change the appearance of the configurator.

Can my dealers quote and configure their own orders?

Yes, they can. Within the Configure Price Quote suite is an application called Sales Portal. Sales Portal allows outside access to dealers, outside sales representatives and distributors to configure and quote products and place orders.

Do you provide Configure Price Quote (CPQ) support for systems already implemented?

Yes, we do offer support. We like to consider ourselves the “CPQ experts.” We specialize in Infor’s Configure Price Quote software, so you know you’re getting support from consultants well versed in the software.