Watch a Full 5 Minute CPQ Demo


Watch a product demo to learn how to:

  • start quoting and selling with more quality
  • increase customer trust and satisfaction
  • Unite the manufacturing workflow
  • Keep connected product details and pricing

Get Quick Quotes & Eliminate Errors

Medical device and equipment manufacturers feel a higher level of pressure to meet exact product specifications for customers when compared to manufacturers of other products. Is your business feeling that pressure and is it to deliver on-demand during trying times? Imagine being able to quickly create custom quotes for specific customers and then automatically entering them into the ERP with just the click of a button. With Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ), you can produce more quotes faster and eliminate errors from quoting and order entry.

Infor CPQ guides your sales team through each product option, step-by-step while filtering incompatible options. This makes the quoting process simple for even your newest hire, dramatically reduces the times it takes to produce a quote and eliminates any errors caused by incorrect product options. You get precise, timely quotes every time.

Never Miss A Sale

Infor CPQ Efficiently Serves:

  • Medical Device Manufactures
  • Sensor Manufacturers
  • Medical Cart and Equipment Manufactures

Stand Out From The Crowd Of Quotes

With Infor CPQ, your sales team can generate a quote with accurate pricing within minutes, successfully differentiating your brand by being able to get a quote in the hands of your customer – way before your competitor does. Not only can you produce faster, more accurate quotes, but you can also give your customers stunning visuals to stand out even more among the crowd. Present pharmacies, hospitals, surgery centers and other healthcare facilities with the options for materials, finishes, color and more.

Deliver a real-time 2D model of the product as you configure it. Both visualizations allow your customers to have a true-to-life representation of what the final product will look like. Seeing is believing and believing is buying. Infor CPQ helps your sales team sell more and generate higher revenue. Give your client the keys and let them drive.

RenaissanceTech Can Help You Guess Less & Sell More

With more than 200 CPQ implementations, RenaissanceTech is the leading provider of Infor CPQ software for healthcare equipment suppliers – not just in Columbus, Ohio, but with the ability to serve clients nationally and internationally. We have delivered CPQ implementation, training, custom development and more to numerous medical equipment manufacturers around the world. We’re dedicated to helping medical equipment and device manufacturers during this critical time.