Step 1: Select Your Customer and Product

Start by logging in and selecting your customer directly in your CPQ software for manufacturing, ERP, or CRM. Then choose your product to configure and quote in the product catalog.

Step 2: Configure Your CPQ for Manufacturing

Use rules-based, guided selling to quickly configure complex products in minutes. All options are filtered, selected, and shown to ensure you never miss an option. 2D and 3D models are generated and updated in real-time while configuring the product. Key capabilities with the software include:

  • Cost, configure, and generate a quote in minutes
  • Choose proper product dimensions
  • Provide 2D and 3D images to the customer and manufacturing floor
  • View the product summary for information on all made selections
  • Ensure accurate product configurations, BOMs, and routings with option-based guided selling
  • Execute more quotes to get more sales

Step 3: Obtain Approvals and Apply Additional Costs and Discounts

Before the quote is ready to submit into the ERP, sales representatives and dealers can add discounts, ask for approvals, and create multiple versions of quotes to help close the sale. With CPQ for manufacturing, you are also able to:

  • Request and apply discounting approvals
  • Create multiple versions of quotes for the customer
  • Enhance and adjust quotes in minutes

Step 4: Order Your Product

Produce automatic quote documentation customized for your company to send to the customer and close your deal. After the order is ready to be submitted, click submit and send dynamic BOMs and routing information to your ERP for manufacturing. Additional results of using our dealer portal for manufacturing include:

  • Dynamically automating the bill of materials and routing creation
  • Automating quote document generation and 2D or 3D images
  • Ensuring all quoted products and submitted orders can be made

Get in Touch with Us for CPQ for Manufacturing

If you are looking for CPQ software for manufacturing that is going to deliver swift and detailed results on customer quotes, our CPQ systems are ready to expedite the order process.

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