Product Visualization Software: Bring A Customer’s Order to Life

Seeing is believing. Believing is buying.

Whether it is a logoed Polo, an engraved wedding ring, a personalized trophy or a t-shirt with a silly slogan for the family reunion, buyers want to see what they’re getting before they get it.

Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) provides a platform to manage this process by partnering with the industry-leading, web-based, image processing services (such as Liquid Pixels) to bring high-resolution, photorealistic image rendering into the visualization domain of the Infor Configurator. The result is dynamic configuration, compelling images, real-time artwork approval, and rapid fulfillment cycles.

Watch a Full 5 Minute CPQ Demo


Watch a product demo to learn how to:

  • start quoting and selling with more quality
  • increase customer trust and satisfaction
  • Unite the manufacturing workflow
  • Keep connected product details and pricing

Stand Out With Superior Product Quoting Software

Increase Sales.

With Infor CPQ, new hires to your sales team can quickly learn quoting methods and best practices. More experienced team members can share their knowledge in one place, allowing less experienced members to obtain better quote ratios and strategies. New sales hires can also successfully walk a customer through all product options and then make a deal.

Provide 2D & 3D configurators for customers.

Give your sales team visualization tools to use during a sale, with CPQ. This will differentiate you from your competitors and allow customers to see realistic images of their products.

Better management of product transitions.

Infor CPQ helps you quickly and efficiently manage new offerings. You can roll out new products, options, and pricing electronically and according to your exact plan. You can also continuously roll out minor new product and price changes at any time to incorporate new innovations or adapt to new sales strategies.

Upsell more effectively.

Sales reps receive tools to help them offer high-margin options that improve the profit-per-sale. As the order is being configured, reps will be able to see the projected profit so they can make suggestions that meet your overall margin objectives as well as the customer’s requirements.

Eliminate Errors & Quote Faster

Automatic Instructions for Manufacturing.

Infor CPQ integrates with your ERP system to store instructions with production orders, and can dynamically create manufacturing instructions and bill of materials (BOMs) on the fly. These dynamic instructions and drawings can eliminate a substantial number of errors that can creep into even the most well-run production process.

Reduce labor requirements.

With Infor CPQ, you can dramatically reduce the labor required to fulfill an order. You’ll be able to create a rules-based BOM process to avoid the labor-intensive creation of thousands of versions, with all possible combinations of products, headlines, and colors. Because the manufacturing instructions are recorded only once, you can introduce product innovations more quickly. You can also eliminate the production of price books. And, you won’t need to rekey orders into your ERP system after they were already configured in the quote system.