Keep Data Connected with Dynamics CPQ

CPQ integration with Dynamics 365 will automate order entry, pass production information to the shop floor, retrieve information out of your ERP, and quickly search in-stock items. These new abilities significantly improve communication between your entire organization, decrease lead time, and create a better customer experience.

CPQ software and Microsoft Dynamics ERP maintain a synchronized flow of data. This means that changes made in one system, such as product updates or pricing modifications, are reflected in both platforms. It ensures that sales teams have access to up-to-date information and eliminates inconsistencies or discrepancies between systems.

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Single Source of Truth: Dynamics & CPQ

When you integrate Microsoft dynamics 356 ERP with Infor CPQ you can:

Know the Order Status

When both systems are connected you can easily communicate order statuses and order details from your ERP and CPQ systems

Always Offer Accurate Pricing

CPQ can also pull pricing information and changes straight from your D365 ERP system, keeping your entire organization on the same page.

Keep Users Updated

With CPQ for Dynamics 365, your business can add new designs and options to one system and be confident it’s updated across the integration.

Seamlessly Pass Information

Pass 2D images, BOMs, Routing Numbers & Jobs with Microsoft CPQ integration. This information reduces the number of unknowns and errors during production.

Microsoft CPQ: A Standard Integration with Unique Benefits

After the customer approves a quote, CPQ can automatically generate sales orders within Microsoft Dynamics ERP. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures that the order details are accurate. The order information flows seamlessly into the ERP system, triggering inventory updates, production planning, and other relevant processes.

Integrate Your Critical Sales Tools & Empower Your Team

 CPQ with Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides a seamless and efficient sales experience. It eliminates manual errors, improves sales productivity, enhances quote accuracy, and ensures data consistency throughout the sales cycle. RenaissanceTech has implemented and supported both standard and custom integrations. Have additional questions about Dynamics ERP and CPQ integration?