A Small Addition with Big Benefits

Infor CPQ and Salesforce Integrations allow:

  • Pulling and providing customer information into CPQ
  • Pulling and providing quote information into Salesforce CRM
  • Launching your configurator directly out of Salesforce
  • Quickly add new products & offerings
  • One source of truth for information

Unlock key communication between CRM and CPQ

CPQ integration with Salesforce CRM Quickly pull customer information into configurator and launch CPQ from Salesforce. Sales teams and dealers will only need to log into one system (Salesforce) when creating a quote. Pull in quote numbers and statuses from configurator and ERP into CRM for one source of truth across all applications of your business.

Keep it All Together

When you integrate Salesforce CRM with Infor CPQ you unlock

Always have the right customer information

With both systems connected there you can be sure that all customer information including shipping details will stay updated across all systems

Always know Order Status

You can easily communicate order statuses and order details from your CRM and CPQ systems

Quote from Anywhere

With an integrated product configurator you can quote from wherever you can access CRM

Seamlessly Pass Information

Pass quote and customer information between you Salesforce system and CPQ


Integrate Your Critical Sales Tools & Empower Your Team

RenaissanceTech has implemented and supported both standard and custom integrations. Have additional questions about Salesforce  CRM and CPQ integration?