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Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software is designed to simplify the entire order process for complex, made-to-order products. We, as experts, configure products in CPQ software that can help you make the most of this technology, close more deals, and make fewer errors. Lose the hassle and keep the options with RenaissanceTech’s quote software.

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Infor Configure Price Quote – CPQ Software

Where Speed and Accuracy Meet

With Infor Configure Price Quote software (CPQ), you can sell complex products faster, create more accurate quotes, eliminate costly errors, and speed up the sales cycle. Because this product configurator makes CPQ tools and capabilities central to your sales process, you can give your sales representatives a sizable competitive advantage in the field and a quicker path from engagement to conversion in your customer’s journey.

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Our team has been doing this for a long time, and we want to help you with all your Infor CPQ tools and quote system needs. Please contact us today, or fill out the form below and we will reach out to you within one business day!

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI, SyteLine ERP)

Product Configurator Designed for Manufacturers and Distributors

Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial turns the complexities manufacturers and distributors face into opportunities to outshine the competition. With our CPQ tools, increased productivity and rapid delivery become key differentiators.

Extend beyond your four walls to include partners and supply chain networks with this robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

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Infor CPQ Solutions and Training Tailored for You

Pair the Best ERP and CPQ Software with the Best Service Provider

This CPQ software solution is impressive in many ways, but without hands-on training and the ability to ask deeper questions to the folks who use it every day, you may not get everything out of it. We believe that it is not enough to simply install this software quote system and let you learn on your own; we show you the ropes and give you an advanced introduction to our CPQ quote systems and training services.

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Who We Are

A Top International CPQ Quote System Vendor


Servicing and implementing CPQ software since 2007


More than 200 successful implementations


Ability to meet your project’s requirements, timelines, and budget


Our success is in our clients’ success

RenaissanceTech’s founders have been working with CPQ quote systems and software since its introduction more than a decade ago. We continue to adapt as the industry evolves and find new ways to help you make the most of CPQ solutions and innovation.

Configure Products in CPQ for Any Industry

Since our founding, RenaissanceTech has worked with a great number of clients from various industries, helping them complete projects and reach success.

It’s important to have your company run at the utmost efficiency to ensure products are getting to customers quickly and ultimately simplifying the entire ordering experience. And our team is dedicated to helping companies in new industries reach new capabilities with our quote software.

Some of the industries that we’ve helped include:

If you don’t see your industry listed, be sure to contact our team as we are always expanding our capabilities and the scope of companies we serve.

FAQs About Our CPQ Software

Below, you’ll find some common questions we get asked about RenaissanceTech and our CPQ solutions.

What is CPQ?

Also known as Configure Price Quote, this is a process salespeople follow when it comes to configuring products, determining the price of products, and ultimately producing a quote.

Can the CPQ solutions integrate with my existing ERP system?

Yes, it can integrate with your current ERP system. We have existing integrations with SyteLine (CSI) and VISUAL ERP systems. Custom integrations can be written upon request.

How will Configure Price Quote software look with our ERP system?

The product configurator that is launched out of your ERP system, sales portal, and, if needed, your website, is the same. The configurator will look exactly the same coming from all systems. With that being said, if you want it different than the default, there are rules that allow you to change the appearance of the configurator.

Can my dealers quote and configure their own orders?

Yes, they can. Within the Configure Price Quote suite is an application called sales portal. This portal gives dealers, outside sales representatives, and distributors access to configure, quote products and place orders.

How long does implementation take?

While each implementation may vary, an average implementation takes six to twelve months.

Additionally, some of the benefits of choosing our expert team and CPQ tools include the following:

  • We provide a multi-tier quoting and ordering tool for easy selection and configuration of materials
  • Our team offers innovative CPQ solutions, such as our 3D product configurator, that are guaranteed to improve performance
  • Our founders, Ben Karam and Jeremy Finley, collectively have over 30 years of experience using CPQ tools and quote software
  • We are dedicated to providing a customer-first experience while also delivering a quality-driven quote system solution

Why Choose RenaissanceTech for Your Quote Software and CPQ Solutions

Since our inception, RenaissanceTech has become a distinguished enterprise that utilizes our intensive, hands-on experience in the integration of and training for CPQ software.

Additionally, we also offer various training courses to help your team expand their skills.

Our courses can help give your team the knowledge and tools needed to effectively configure products in CPQ. These training courses include:

Infor CPQ Configurator Training – This 12-hour course covers the fundamentals including rules modeling, testing tools and best practices. You’ll develop an understanding of rules development and syntax techniques.

Advanced Infor CPQ Training – This is an 8-hour training course that covers advanced techniques of Infor CPQ. You’ll learn system maintenance, UI styling, dynamic option lists, web service calls/lookup variables, innovative techniques, and more.

SyteLine Integration (Manufacturing Rules) Training – This is an 8-hour training course covering manufacturing rules. You’ll learn CPQ/CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) integration setup, manufacturing rules exercises, creating jobs, and more.

Onsite Personalized Training – We set up a personalized training plan based on your specific CPQ setup and support needs. We will travel to your site to fully teach you how to incorporate current onsite processes and methods into your configurator and potential ERP integration.

We are here to enable you to succeed with your CPQ project. For more information on our offered Infor CPQ training visit our training page.


For more information regarding the values and mission we promote while spearheading CPQ initiatives, please visit our about page.