Increase sales and reduce errors with Infor CPQ

Use a step-by-step, guided selling technique

There are many complexities and no room for error when it comes to manufacturing in this industry. That’s why a “guided selling” tool can help. When a customer is ordering a new pump and/or HVAC system, the salesperson can ask all necessary questions and break everything down step-by-step. As a customer provides more information and requirements, CPQ filters out any unacceptable product combinations.

Deliver the perfect order

Customers can visually confirm the configured pump or meter during the order process, so you’ll be confident the order you submit to manufacturing reflects the customer’s exact configuration, is on time and delivers the expected costs. Use Infor CPQ to help produce the perfect order and you’ll avoid the time, effort, cost, and customer frustration caused by delivering the wrong product.

Automate manufacturing instructions

Dynamically create production instructions and bills of materials (BOMs), then send them to your integrated ERP to store instructions with production orders. Reduce scrap and increase yield by generating 2D drawings to show the shop floor exactly what to build. These dynamic instructions and connections help eliminate errors that haunt the majority of well-run manufacturing businesses.

Infor CPQ efficiently serves:

  • HVAC Manufacturers
  • Pump Manufacturers
  • Compressors and Air Conditioning (AC) Manufacturers
  • Refrigeration Manufacturers
  • Custom Actuator Manufacturers

Watch a Full 5 Minute CPQ Demo


Watch a product demo to learn how to:

  • start quoting and selling with more quality
  • increase customer trust and satisfaction
  • Unite the manufacturing workflow
  • Keep connected product details and pricing

Strengthen your brand

With Infor CPQ, your company will be able to compete better by shortening cycle times, increasing order accuracy, and enabling distributors to provide more high-value consultative support to customers. New tools make customer ordering smooth and hassle-free while increasing process efficiency and accuracy. You can deliver an exact order—on time.

Be on the cutting edge of innovation

Your manufacturing brand is strengthened when you offer more technical innovations than competitors. This is how you stand out. Infor CPQ helps you control research and development costs and accelerate the pace of innovation by freeing engineers and other technical professionals from the selling process. They can instead focus on higher-value contributions to your business.

Never miss a long-term relationship opportunity

Inaccurate or delayed deliverables will drive customers to competitors. Bring the same high quality for configured pumps and meters that customers expect from standard produced products, with Infor CPQ. First, capture the requirements and present them to the customer for approval. Then, automatically create BOMs and instructions for each part, which is sent directly to your ERP to be produced.

The Perfect Quoting Solution for HVAC, Pump & Compressor Manufacturers

Companies that specialize in manufacturing configured material handling equipment like pumps and meters can use Infor CPQ to increase sales, reduce costs, and differentiate their brand.