CPQ software is more than a product configuration and quoting tool

CPQ integrates with your ERP system to expand both system’s capabilities. Integration will automate order entry, pass production information to the shop floor, retrieve information out of your ERP, and quickly search in stock items. These new abilities significantly improve communication between your entire organization, decrease lead time, and create a better customer experience.

Automate your order entry process when you integrate your ERP system with CPQ

When this process is streamlined, you can be certain that no order entry errors occur. This also eliminates the need to have a specific person dedicated to order entry. Instead, you can reallocate this work to expanding sales growth and generating revenue for your business.

Seamlessly Pass 2D images, BOMs, Routing Numbers & Jobs to your ERP

This information reduces the number of unknowns and errors during production. When you eliminate errors in the product entry and building process, customers are more likely to want to buy from you again. This also assists employees’ communication, since all order and product information is quickly accessible to anyone who needs it.

When CPQ & ERP systems are integrated, information from the ERP system is passed to the CPQ system

When both systems are connected you can easily communicate order statuses and order details from your ERP and CPQ systems. CPQ can also pull pricing information and changes straight from your ERP system, keeping your entire organization on the same page.

Standard Integrations Include:

Custom Integrations Include:

  • Older ERP Systems
  • EDI

Seamlessly Integrate Your Vital Sales Tools & Empower Your Team

RenaissanceTech has implemented and supported both standard and custom integrations. Have additional questions about any of these integrations? Have a specific custom integration request that we didn’t mention?