Allow visitors to create their own configured designs/products

With SwiftSell visitors to your website can configure and even order products directly from your site, if you choose. Repeat buyers and potentially-interested customers can save designs to come back to later.

Allow visitors to request a quote or order product directly

Cut out the middleman. With SwiftSell Site Configurator your salesman won’t have to spend time quoting and ordering. With your set permissions, customers can directly request a quote or even order a product directly from your site. There is no need to set up e-commerce or payment systems on your site.

Generate more leads at all hours of the day

When a potential customer is interested in your product they can visit your site and configure exactly what they want. They then can submit their email to save their configuration and get in contact with a salesman.

Built for Speed, Designed for Users

With SwiftSell Site Configurator you won’t need to set up a new product configurator or payment method on your site. SwiftSell pulls information from the same rules engine as your standard Infor CPQ configurator, Design Studio. Make it easy for yourself and use the same tool for your internal and external product configuration.

Flexible UI

Kiosk mode
Self Service vs. Dealer Quote
Intuitive & simplified interface
Customers no longer need to be a product experts to configure a product on your website. With guided selling, site visitors can walk through a quote and product configuration, step-by-step, while all valid and invalid options are filtered.
Customizable to match your brand
You can stylize SwiftSell to match your company's branding with logo placement and branded colors.
Virtual showroom to give customers a closer look
Show off all of your products on your website. There is no need for a physical showroom anymore.
Visual Configurations
Incorporate 3D and 2D models for viewing when configuring

SwiftSell Product FAQ

Can I use my existing CPQ model with SwiftSell?

Yes, SwiftSell is compatible with your existing CPQ models. The interface follows the same design principles as your standard CPQ interface; we are stylizing and using more modern controls.

If I implement SwiftSell, do I have to implement all of its components?

You do not. SwiftSell has Direct Selling functionality to facilitate both B2B and B2C transactions. You can for example: just use the “contract selling” portion, where you are managing quotes and orders in a dashboard, and where you have logged in users that each have accounts. You could alternatively use the parts that are more B2C, as another customer of ours has done. So, it’s flexible. There is some benefits you gain if you are using all the parts. Where B2C configurations can feed in as requests to be closed out in the direct selling platform. You can use one or many of the parts depending on your operation.

Can I control what’s being shown when embedding SwiftSell on our website? What if I don’t want to show pricing to my customers?

Yes, one approach is to setup a profile for “SwiftSell” within the CPQ model that controls when to show pricing information.

Can I theme SwiftSell to match our company brand or website?

Yes, the UI is flexible. All of the controls are skinable to match any corporate branding or website look and feel. In that regard, it’s more flexible than any other CPQ interface.

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Integrated Workflow

  • Website, Dealer, or Kiosk Modes
  • Visual MFG, Syteline, CSI (CRM/ERP)