Automate Order Entry
Pass BOMs, Routings, Images
Precise Costing & Pricing
Connected Data & People

Automate Order Entry

Do you ever find yourself thinking –  “there’s gotta be a better way” when you spend hours on entering the proper order requirements? If you’re asking for a faster way to enter quotes into your ERP for production, then consider connecting Infor CPQ with your Visual ERP.

Pass BOMs, Routings, Images

Do you ask: How can I pass BOMs, Routings, or product images to my ERP? Look no further than connecting your VISUAL ERP with Infor CPQ.  Automate your process and keep everything organized throughout your product sales and manufacturing.

Precise Costing & Product Pricing

If you find yourself saying: “How do I guarantee accurate product pricing?” – Try out connecting your CPQ with your ERP. Store product & material costing in one place. Integrating your systems brings one source of truth.

Connected Data & People

When you keep asking “What new product materials are available for my customers?” or “Will this product configuration work” – that is a good sign that a VISUAL and Infor CPQ Integration will work well for you.

Set up in Infor Visual

Utilize our VISUAL ERP & CPQ software integration to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and make informed decisions promptly.

Integrating Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) with Infor Visual introduces a host of new capabilities for both systems. Infor CPQ and Infor Visual integrate, simplifying the process of connecting your systems. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and external product configurators, and maintain seamless connectivity with the Infor Visual Configurator.

Utilizing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system empowers you to streamline operations and perform tasks with greater ease. Realize the following advantages upon integrating:

  • Automate order entry processes
  • Pass Bills of Materials (BOMs), routings, and dynamically generated images to Visual
  • Ensure precise costing and product pricing
  • Seamlessly add or remove products and offerings within a unified Visual system
  • Keep your sales team and engineers up-to-date on product performance and availability
  • Generate accurate configurations and quotes in a matter of minutes

Keep it All Connected

Extend your reach beyond internal operations to encompass partners and dealer networks with Infor VISUAL ERP integrated with Infor CPQ, a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration tailored for manufacturers and their dealers. This connection streamlines procurement processes, mitigates entry errors, and adjusts to dynamic market conditions all in one centralized platform. Consider transitioning to the cloud CPQ with Infor VISUAL ERP today.

Watch a Full VISUAL & CPQ Demo

See how to connect services, sales, engineers, and more to boost your bottom line and grow your business

Watch a demonstration to learn how to:

  • Quote and configure directly out of Visual
  • Automate order entry
  • Unite the manufacturing workflow
  • Keep connected product details and pricing