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  • Keep connected product details and pricing

Support Sales & Dealers with Infor CPQ Software

Your sales team and distribution channel can efficiently address specific product requirements from customers, with Infor CPQ for medical device manufacturers. Empower everyone selling your products with the tools to easily find the exact product specifications that meet your customer’s needs.

Give Your Team the Edge

Infor CPQ Efficiently Serves:

  • Temperature Sensor Manufacturers
  • Custom Gauge Manufacturers
  • Made-to-Order Hight-Tech Instruments
  • Actuator Manufacturers
  • Laboratory Instrument Manufacturers

Use Guided Selling for Efficient Quotes.

Infor CPQ applies all necessary options and constraints to every product/device you offer while quoting a customer. This allows the salesman to walk through building a quote step-by-step. This eliminates the ability for order errors and insufficient products. Salesmen & Dealers no longer need to be technical experts to quote your tools.

Increase Sales Performance.

With Infor CPQ you will make it simpler to produce a proper quote and shorten the training time it takes to familiarize new sales members with product offerings and pricing. You can store valuable sales experiences and strategies so well-seasoned sales reps can pass their knowledge of the medical device industry to less experienced team members. New hires and dealers will be able to efficiently and easily walk customers through the quoting process.

Make it Easy for Distributors.

With Infor CPQ, you will become the easiest medical device manufacturer to work with. Distributors can quote their own services and add-ons, to produce a simple, integrated quote to the decision-maker. Giving you and your distributors a better position over your competitors, as a provider of choice and efficiency

Easily Add Product Transitions.

Infor CPQ helps you quickly and efficiently manage transitions to new offerings as older products become obsolete. You can roll out major product introductions or minor improvements to existing products easily and according to your exact plan. You can also roll out price changes at any time to incorporate new products or features, or adapt to new sales strategies.

Bolster Your Brand by Earning Trust & Delivering a Great Experience

Make the ordering process smoother and more enjoyable for customers and increase the efficiency and accuracy of your internal processes, so you deliver exactly what the customer ordered—on time.

Strengthen Your Brand Today
Consistent Quality
Next-Level Innovation
Consistent Buying Experience

Consistent Quality Every Time.

Infor CPQ makes it possible to attain the same level of quality for your medical devices that customers expect from less complex off-the-shelf products. It takes a two-prong approach. First, Infor CPQ perfectly captures the requirements and presents them so the customer can easily confirm that you know what they want. Second, Infor CPQ automates the creation of a BOM and the instructions to build each product, sending it directly into the ERP system for production.

Next-Level Innovation Every Day.

Infor CPQ can help you overcome the unique product development challenges of the medical device industry. You’ll be able to speed up the pace of innovation by freeing up engineers and designers from the selling process. By freeing them from repetitive selling assistance, they’ll be able to focus more time on developing sophisticated new products that can get timely regulatory approval, so you keep up with the rapid pace of obsolescence.

Consistent Buying Experience Every Purchase.

Customers may interact with a wide variety of people on your extended sales team as they’re making their order decisions. Whether they’re exploring on the web, selecting features on an iPad® while standing with a sales rep, or talking on the phone with a customer service rep, Infor CPQ makes sure your products are represented exactly the same way, every time. Buyers will be reassured when they see your sales and customer service teams working together during the sale. They’ll also be reassured knowing that the quality of your products will extend to the service they’ll receive after they buy.

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