Authored By: Karee Hertenstein

As manufacturers need more out of their CPQ systems some may be finding limitations with their on-premise configurator. Let’s take a look at three signs it may be time to upgrade to cloud!

1. You Need More Modern Visualization Options

If you or your customers need visual engagement and images in the quoting process on on any device, users will experience a consistent, responsive experience whether on a laptop, tablet or mobile device. Visualization options such as 3D visual configuration and Augmented Reality are how many customers are now setting themselves apart from the competition with cloud CPQ.

2. Needed Assistance with Security

With an Infor CPQ on-premise solution security is solely up to you. Hosting environments in-house does not mean you’re safer from attacks. Attempted targeted ransomware attacks still happen often, making it crucial that you always have security measures in place and preform regular backups. If you don’t have the resources to do this, cloud may be a better option for you.

Cloud: With an Infor CloudSuite Configure Price Quote Solution, Amazon and Infor will be responsible for security on the AWS server. It’s important to note that Amazon’s severs are focused on the security of user’s information.

3. Lack of Integration Among Systems

As more and more software solutions are going exclusively cloud, it can be difficult to connect these more modern solutions to an on premise solution. If you are struggling with not being able to get the software tools you want and need due to complex or inferior integrations, it will be difficult to continue scaling and growing your business. Because constant research and funding are being put into Cloud CPQ, you know you will have the best and brightest of solutions to easily integrate with your necessary systems.

If any of these three indicators speak to your current challenges and concerns, you may be at the crossroads to begin looking at Cloud. We’ve established tools and best practices to make upgrading to cloud a breeze. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to have a conversation about your cloud configurator upgrade. Let’s talk today!