With Infor CPQ, your sales force will have the powerful capabilities it needs to address all of your customers’ unique requirements with speed, accuracy, and personal attention.

Increase sales

Boost sales performance. Infor CPQ can significantly reduce the learning curve for new sales reps, so they quickly attain better quote-to- order ratios.

Help customers visualize their orders. With Infor CPQ, your sales team gets visualization tools to use in the quoting process, so customers can see realistic images of their final order.

Better manage product transitions. Infor CPQ helps you quickly and efficiently manage new offerings, allowing you to roll out new products, options, and pricing electronically—according to your exact plan.

Upsell more effectively. Infor CPQ gives sales reps receive tools to help them offer high-margin options that improve the profit-per-sale.


Reduce costs

Deliver the perfect order.  With Infor CPQ, you’ll ensure customers have made all the choices they need and that the order you submit to production reflects the exact configuration, is on time, and delivers the expected costs.

Automate manufacturing instructions. Infor CPQ dynamically creates bills of materials (BOM) and manufacturing instructions on the fly, and can integrate with your ERP system to store these instructions with production orders. With dynamic instructions and drawings, you can eliminate a substantial number of errors that can creep into even the most well-run production process.

Reduce labor requirements. With Infor CPQ, you can dramatically reduce the labor required to fulfill an order. Rules-based BOM processes help avoid labor-intensive creation of thousands of versions, helping you eliminate the need for price books and re-keyed orders.


Strengthen your brand

Innovate faster. Customers think more highly of your company when they see fresh innovative features that clearly meet their needs better than competitors’ offerings. Infor CPQ helps you speed up the pace of innovation by freeing up engineers, designers, and other technical professionals from the selling process.

Create a consistent buying experience. Whether they’re deciding on typefaces with a sales rep or talking with a customer service rep on the phone, with Infor CPQ, you can make sure your products are represented exactly the same way, every time.

Deliver quality. Customers will move their business to a competitor if they don’t get the product they ordered on time and in the exact configuration they specified. Infor CPQ helps you to attain the same level of quality for configured and customized paper products that customers expect from off-the-shelf products.


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