Are you utilizing product imagery in your sales process? It’s no secret that the need for product visuals has become more than an added benefit in sales but is now a necessity. In fact, 83% of buyers point to product images as the most influential factor in the online purchasing process.

The sophisticated end buyer of today, however, is trending towards options with visual engagement. Infor CPQ provides options for your customer experience. Here are the top 5 ways our customers are utilizing a product configurator with visuals.

  1. Product Images

A simple, static image is usually the first thing that catches the buyer’s eye. Give each of your products a starting image so customers can easily understand what they’re configuring to purchase.

2. 2D drawings

We support your sales and engineering process with the usage of 2D CAD drawings. Customers select their products and dimension specifications and see their product drawings update dynamically.

3. Interactive 3D

Your customers have attention to detail—let them explore, zoom, and examine your product with Infor Cloud CPQ’s interactive 3D.

4. 3D Assemblies

Do you utilize 3D CAD models in the quoting or ordering process? Support both the sales and manufacturing side of your business by allowing assembly of 3D CAD models during configuration. 

5. Augment Reality

CPQ with Augmented Reality (AR) is an exciting way to engage with your buyers. Your customers gain assurance with the ability to place the end product in a physical space.

Ready to learn more about what a visual experience can do for your customer journey? Reach out today!