The CPQ world converged in Columbus, Ohio for the very first CPQ Connect conference, and it was an event to remember. As proud Gold sponsors of this gathering, we were excited to support the exchange of ideas, innovative solutions, and inspiring user stories over the course of the event. Among the many highlights, our interview with Sutphen, a leader in custom fire apparatus manufacturing, was particularly insightful.

Day 1: Setting the Stage

The conference kicked off with an electrifying keynote that set the stage for what was to come. Attendees were welcomed by a diverse group of CPQ experts, fellow users, and innovators. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as professionals from various fields came together to explore the future of CPQ solutions.

Our Booth

As Gold sponsors, our booth was a hub of activity throughout the conference. We showcased our cutting-edge CPQ services, monthly support options, and demonstrated our ecommerce for dealer solution, SwiftSell. We enjoyed lively discussions with attendees and the Configure-gator made it’s first appearance in Columbus. It was heartening to see so much interest in how configurator is revolutionizing sales processes across different manufacturing industries.


Day 2: User Interview with Sutphen

One of the standout moments of the conference was our user interview with Sutphen, a respected name in custom fire apparatus manufacturing. We sat down with their team to delve deep into their CPQ journey and the user experience they’ve had with our solutions.

Sutphen’s CPQ Transformation

During the interview, Sutphen shared their CPQ journey, from the challenges they faced to the transformation they experienced. They highlighted how Infor CPQ and RenaissanceTech’s team has streamlined their quoting process, enhanced documentation, and enabled their dealer network to significantly reduce errors and improving overall satisfaction for a highly engineer-to-order fire apparatus.

The User Experience

We deeply discussed the user experience aspect. Sutphen’s team emphasized the intuitive nature of our CPQ software, which has enabled their sales team and dealer network to provide accurate quotes more quickly and with greater confidence. The improved user experience has led to better customer interactions and a boost in overall sales and dealer relationships.

“We’re good at building firetrucks. When firefighters come into our facility and they ask us why we do things a certain way. I tell them it’s because we are not firefighters; we are good at manufacturing firetrucks. We are not great at systems. Alright, so we rely on Renaissance as our partners over the last decade to help us get there.

I’d tell people that you really need to invest in the folks that really know how to do this if you want to get that advantage and velocity to get there. So having a partner like Jeremy and his team to do so is critical for us.”

B.J. Laney, General Manager at Sutphen Corporation

Takeaways and Highlights

Throughout the CPQ Connect conference, we participated in many insightful presentations and discussions that took place. Some key takeaways included:

1. The importance of CPQ in simplifying complex quoting processes.
2. The role of AI and automation in enhancing user experience.
3. Real-world success stories from users like Godfrey & Sutphen that demonstrated the transformative potential of CPQ technology.

Closing Thoughts

CPQ Connect 2023 was a success, and we were honored to be a part of it as Gold sponsors. The conference was a testament to the growing significance of CPQ solutions in modern manufacturing, and it showcased the real impact they can have on organizations. From our interview with Sutphen to the thought-provoking sessions and the countless inspiring conversations, CPQ Connect left us feeling inspired and eager to continue pushing the boundaries of CPQ technology.

As we look ahead, it’s clear that CPQ solutions will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of sales and quoting processes. We’re excited to see how the Infor CPQ community continues to evolve and drive innovation.