Inforum at a Glance:

Inforum is a sizable event hosted by Infor with over 5,000 attendees. It’s where Infor executives, vendors, and customers like you, have a chance to connect. You’ll have an opportunity to discover and learn from industry experts on specific products. Inforum will be in New Orleans this year, spanning 3 days from September 23rd to the 26th.

For the first time ever, Infor will be hosting a “CPQ Day” on Tuesday, September 24th. This day will feature focused CPQ sessions. Included in these sessions are; customer success stories, customer panel sessions, product roadmaps, and deep dives into new and upcoming CPQ capabilities. There will also be CPQ demonstrations in the hub, additional CPQ “Speed” sessions, and structured CPQ activites during breakfast and lunch. You will also have the chance to attend a CPQ dinner, where you can network with other users and vendors.

This is a great opportunity for CPQ users to connect with the Infor community and learn new skills.

Cost to attend the whole conference is: $1,295.00

Cost to attend a single day (Tuesday, September 24th): $895.00

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