With the rise of the remote workplace, we have adapted our business to be virtual friendly. The more services that we can perform online, the less we are required to travel. This allows us to eliminate the time and money associated with traveling and enables us to reduce consulting costs and spend more time tending to our clients. With that being said, if travel is necessary and safe for our clients, we will undoubtably make the trip.

              This has led us to the realization that we can offer all our services globally. With the introduction of our remote training sessions, our consultants can teach your employees how to use our software over a video call. This leads to greater accessibility for international and domestic clients. Additionally, our Infor CPQ software supports many different languages including Dutch, German, French, English, Spanish, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. On top of that, Infor CPQ allows for the seamless conversion of currency using exchange rate multipliers. This makes it easier to perform quotes for clients in other regions of the world.

              With the expansion of our capabilities, we are excited to widen our customer base and serve clients globally. Whether they are a domestic or international client, our goal is to make sure that they are taken care of while exceeding their expectations. At RenaissanceTech, we treat every client the same no matter the size of their business or the industry they work in. We are currently assisting clients in the UK, Australia, NZ, and Canada. Anyone looking for Infor CPQ expert help, can contact us, no matter their country.

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