how to simplify the sales process

How To Simplify The Sales Process & Close More Deals in 2022

If you’re trying to find new ways to make the sales process less bloated, there’s a great chance you’ve been in the industry for a while! Software options have become more sophisticated. Demands have rapidly changed. Your target demographics (and how you reach them) have evolved. 

Let’s dig into some tangible and intangible ways to simplify the sales process, increase ROI and minimize costly screw-ups! 

The Who: Create Customer Profiles For Target Audiences 

We get it – the past few years have thrown sales through a loop. Many companies started going after any business they could get, while others restricted their scope to make more money off fewer leads. It’s time to physically get back to the drawing board! 

Take time to clearly define who you’re going after – and who you don’t want to go after. Who are these perfect people? Where do they shop? Not just where do they shop, but where do they make their actual buying decisions? Is it in-store, in the car with their family or in the trenches of Reddit forums? 

Creating well-defined buyer personas not only helps you meet customers where they’re at but you can also use that information to build robust digital marketing campaigns with almost no wasted dollars by dialing in that demographic data! 

The Why: Add Some Empathy To Your Approach  

It’s not about the product – it’s about what the product does for the buyer. Establish a playbook of primary talking points to quickly earn that invaluable trust based on consumer needs. Learn the pain points of your target audience by looking at Google News and exploring forums. (Sometimes, you can just let Google fill in the blanks for you!)

Here are a variety of phrases you can search to generate topics of interest: 

  • Problems with [product]
  • Alternatives to [product]
  • Negatives of [product]
  • Does [product] ______
  • Why won’t [product] _____
  • [product] vs _____

Once you get a solid list going, rank these pain points, challenges and insecurities as they pertain to each target demo. Assign 2-3 of them to each and avoid bringing up the other headaches if possible. Your service or product probably tackles those challenges, but you don’t need to create unnecessary land mines or time sinkholes during your pitch! 

Remember: people really like talking about themselves and their company, so ask questions – even if you already know the answers. “What solutions do your competitors use?” “I know you’re looking for this product, but what are you really looking for out of this product?” “What just really sucks for you on a daily basis?”

Taking a little extra time to be real with a hot lead can make you more money than spending not enough time on three cool leads. 

The When: Make Scheduling Demos & Appointments As Easy As Possible 

It’s hard to get everyone to agree on much, but there are two things we all really enjoy: simplicity and options. Your sales team can piggyback on this desire for convenience by offering a variety of different contact points for customers. 

Your website, specifically, should have a clearly-labeled online scheduling link, at least one general Contact Us form and a phone number someone can use at any given time to ask questions. Some folks feel comfortable scheduling a demo right now, while others may want to send in a form while they’re on the go and respond at a time when they’re able to make a decision. Other people just want to see the options laid out in front of them! 

It’s comforting to know that the choice for communication is yours and you can make it when you want to. 

The How (& How Much): Use An Accurate CPQ Software To Wow Buyers

We’ve mentioned simplicity, accessibility and empathy – but there is one tangible solution that can wrap up everything while making everyone happier: Infor CPQ. 

As the best configure price quote solution on the market, Infor minimizes the time it takes to create accurate quotes and generates true-to-life, customized product models that will help your customer truly visualize what they’re getting. 

By experiencing the visualization in front of them, the customer can envision how the product will fit in their daily life. There’s no guessing. This is what they get and here’s how much they get it for! 

Looking To Capture The Power of Infor? 

We invite you to take a spin on an example configurator here or to get in touch with us directly to discuss the needs of your customers and your sales team.