Everybody wants options and giving your customers options drives sales. Does your sales team have the flexibility to offer them?

If your sales process, like most, involves negotiating you need a manufacturing CPQ that gives flexible quoting capabilities. Infor’s cloud CPQ offers countless features that support sales automation for manufacturers, giving your sales team tools to configure products that range from simple to deeply complex. One of these features is called Quote Versioning.

Sales quote versioning allows a method of tracking any iterations to your quotes. This is especially helpful when dealing with negotiations with your customers in the sales cycle.

Sales quote versioning in Infor cloud CPQ allows you to create many versions of the same quote to allow for discounting, price changes, or variations in the product itself. A customer may, for instance, want to see formal, separate quotes for multiple iterations of the same product. You can provide all of these different quotes, easily track your changes, and then finally place the order for the quote your customer decides on.

In other scenarios, your sales reps may need the flexibility to offer pre-set discount options to win business. You set the discount rates to ensure you meet your bottom line, while your salespeople gain the ability to offer these discounts on a discretionary basis. Each time a discount is applied, the salesperson creates a new version of the quote so you can easily track the history of the proposal process. Once the customer makes a final decision, the salesperson places the order on the selected quote version and all other versions are closed out null and void so as not to affect win/loss rate in your quoting analytics.

It’s time for a sales solution that gives manufacturers more options. See how the CPQ industry is changing the game for manufacturers and what we can do for you. Contact us for a product demo of the best CPQ for manufacturers!