I recently had the privilege of attending the Window and Door Manufacturing Association (WDMA) – Technical Conference in Minneapolis Minnesota. This event brought together industry experts, manufacturers, and technical enthusiasts from around the United States.

The conference featured a lineup of speakers who provided valuable insights into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities within the industry. Experts from leading manufacturing companies took the stage, captivating the audience with their knowledge and experience. They delved into topics such as energy efficiency, sustainable materials, advanced automation techniques, and cutting-edge design concepts.

Abbe Will, from the Joint Center for Housing Studies opened the conference with a fantastic keynote speech, reviewing some statistics as it relates to outlook on new home construction, renovation and remodeling. Abbe provided many interesting statistics showing that, although the home remodeling industry is expected to slow in growth in 2023, the overall outlook is still positive thanks to federal energy initiatives and overall growth of homes permitted for renovation. This is potentially encouraging news for our fenestration manufacturers to keep in mind.

We co-hosted a booth with Infor  in the exhibit hall. Sponsoring the WDMA conference provided an invaluable opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and industry leaders. I engaged in enlightening conversations with people who shared their experiences and perspectives. Some popular points of discussion were emerging trends, best practices, and potential collaborations. The connections made at the conference will undoubtedly continue to inspire and guide my professional journey in the window and door manufacturing industry.