Why Start Remote Training

May 27th, 2020


Necessary social distancing measures are calling for a new way of learning. To obtain safer training conditions, institutions and companies are relying on a remote style of learning. Technology has ensured that the constant need to continue learning is still present in a disconnected world. With remote training, participants receive flexibility to work from any location, companies save on travel, training schedules spread across multiple days, virtual networking opportunities increase, and it allows for continued access to the best resources. These benefits should not be overlooked when compared with the traditional way of education.

With virtual learning students can work from any location, eliminating the time spent and costs incurred to fly people onsite to be with a trainer. Since users will not have to travel to each other’s business locations, contact will be kept to the absolute minimum. While trainees can stay home and cut travel cost to a minimum, they also benefit from flexible training schedules. Training classes can be spread out over longer periods of times to encourage work on training and working on company time. This allows trainees to maintain a balance of learning and working for productivity during this time. With this flexible approach to training, businesses can achieve a lot more with less money.

Attendees of a training or workshop can network with other attendees and thought leaders on subjects important to them. More connections are made with people that would usually never meet in person but have similar knowledge and experiences. Gaining skills from experienced workers and then applying them at their company will boost efficiency. Users can also be positive that they are learning from a skilled instructor in a quality course. When taking a class or training online, users are taken through material that has been tested and proven valuable numerous times. Participants can be sure that they are receiving quality training from an expert instructor.  

Take Advantage of Remote Infor Configurator CPQ Training

With these benefits, it is hard to deny that virtual learning has proven its worth. Now more than ever, it is important that companies take advantage of virtual training. At RenaissanceTech, we have utilized remote CPQ training to continue collaboration between the best resources and our customers – all while keeping our employees and customers safe. Our remote infor CPQ training courses are specifically tailored for teaching configurator rules writing as efficiently as possible. If you would like to attend our remote CPQ configurator training, register for expert help today!