Cloud vs. On Premise Infor CPQ: Which is best for you?

By Megan Marsh
December 4th, 2019

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There are many factors that drive whether companies choose to use a cloud infrastructure or to stick with their trusted on-premise solution, and every company is different.

Before comparing which platform to consider hosting your Infor configure price quote (CPQ) solution on, lets define what Cloud and On-Premise specifically mean for CPQ.

On-Premise CPQ solution:

An Infor CPQ solution, or any solution that is hosted on-premise will reside on a single tenant, in-house server. Companies must purchase a license and are responsible for maintaining and managing the solution. Organizations with this type of solution will see a high initial cost, but, receive sole ownership of the software and data collected.

The deployment of on-premise CPQ software is internal to an enterprise’s IT infrastructure, giving the owner full responsibility over the security of the software. Sufficient expertise and staffing is required to maintain operation and security.

Cloud CPQ Solution:

Infor Cloud CPQ is hosted by Infor on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Server. A cloud-based server is multi-tenant, meaning there are multiple companies’ software and data currently hosted on that virtual server. 

Organizations with cloud environments are provided regular updates but have minimal ability to modify the environment. Although cloud CPQ has limited customization available, organizations can change account access and permissions for users based on their status within the company.

Additionally, cloud CPQ data is collected on the server which the provider has access to. Even if the host has no intention of looking at the data, this can pose a security risk to companies with highly sensitive information. Like the medical and finance industry, for example.

On the other hand, an organization may find more security from being hosted in a cloud environment because they trust the provider and do not have the resources to manage and run security.

Which is best for you?

There are numerous fundamental differences between an on-premise and cloud hosted environment.  In your case, security, deployment, cost, and control are the key differences that should drive your decision between on-premise and cloud. Which environment is the correct one for you depends entirely on what you need from your CPQ software.


On-Premise: With an Infor CPQ on-premise solution security is solely up to you. Hosting environments in-house does not mean you’re safer from attacks. Attempted targeted ransomware attacks still happen often, making it crucial that you always have security measures in place and preform regular backups. If you don’t have the resources to do this, cloud may be a better option for you.

Cloud: With an Infor CloudSuite Configure Price Quote Solution, Amazon and Infor will be responsible for security on the server. While cloud breaches remain a large concern for IT departments across the planet, it’s important to note that Amazon’s severs are focused on the security of user’s information.


On-Premise: Infor CPQ is deployed in-house, on a single tenant server, within your enterprise’s IT infrastructure. This method could be better for you if you want direct access to your Infor Configure Price Quote solution.

Cloud: CloudSuite Infor CPQ is hosted on a multi-tenant Infor Server, that users can access at any point. This deployment method would be ideal if you do not have resources to maintain the environment. Also, hosting Infor CPQ from a virtual server can be useful for companies with external dealers and salespeople because cloud has limited views. Meaning, users that have access to your CPQ solution will not have direct access to your ERP.


On-Premise: You will maintain full control of the solution. On-premise relies on direct data via SQL and interfaces for local applications. On-Premise may be the right choice if you want to stay highly involved with the software and add customization, well outside of CPQ’s usual functionality.

Cloud: You still design your configurations in design-studio, but have limited control. The cloud version of Infor CPQ provides built in webservice rules that connect to other cloud APIs.


On-Premise: Users expect a high initial cost with this method with lower reoccurring costs. On-premise Infor CPQ might be better if your organization is dedicated to using the solution for a long time and has the necessary resources to implement and support it.

Cloud: There is a lower barrier to entry, with a much smaller initial cost. Instead, you would be a subscription fee to Infor each month you want to use the software.

Infor CPQ Integration Options

There are three options for integrating Infor CPQ into your ERP system. Currently, the most popular is an on-premise CPQ solution, integrated with an on-premise ERP. For Example, a manufacturer who is already using on-premise Infor CSI (Syteline) ERP can seamlessly implement an on-premise Infor Configure Price Quote solution.

The second most popular option is the integration of cloud CPQ with a cloud ERP. As a result, infrastructure is easily scaled up or down and systems are seamlessly updated.

Lastly, there is an emerging Hybrid option. You do not need to have a Cloud ERP system to integrate Cloud CPQ. Instead, a hybrid solution is one where cloud CPQ integrates with an on-premise ERP. This is useful because you get the benefits of a Cloud CPQ solution, while keeping your ERP system in-house.

Infor CloudSuite CPQ at RenaissanceTech

Regardless of whether you’re new to the configure price quote world or a seasoned professional, it’s important that you get the most value from your solution. You need a CPQ solution that is designed for you.

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