Now more than ever technology is improving all aspects of a company: including sales. Salesforce and Infor CPQ are a powerful application for growing businesses. Many manufacturers and distributors choose to use either or both systems today. Many companies choose to integrate and/or connect these systems when they own the latter option. A CRM and CPQ being integrated adds the ability to pull CRM information into your configurator and adversely launch your product configurator directly in Salesforce. This ensures that your front-end team is creating fantastic quotes quickly no matter the customer and/or special requests and circumstance.’s motto is “We bring companies and customers together”. When users add Infor CPQ they bring their sales team and dealers into the mix. Mistakes and human errors will occur throughout any business process. Streamlining each process with automation and technology is the only way to minimize this inevitable cost and time waste. When a CRM is integrated to a product configurator like Infor Configure Price Quote (Previously known as “BuyDesign”), users can pull their customer’s standard information, shipping details, and any additional CRM data into CPQ to create a quote and proposal document for the customer. This sharing of data is not only one-way, CPQ can send quote status and any additional order information to CRM in real time as well.

Lastly, when Infor CPQ’s product configurator is connected to Salesforce CRM, users can launch their configurator directly out of Salesforce. There is no need to navigate to a different application for quote and proposal creation. This makes it simpler for new hires and seasoned sales reps and keeps everyone on the same home screen. The best pairing in enterprise software for any manufacturer is a CRM and CPQ integration. Users can pull CRM information into CPQ and launch configurator from Salesforce when you connect these two systems.

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