The abbreviation “CPQ” stands for “Configure, Price, Quote.” CPQ allows you to create a structured, scalable sales process through guided selling and configuration.

What is CPQ?

So Why is CPQ Important? Here Are Just 3 Examples:

  • Help your sales reps and dealer network quote and close deals faster, by eliminating disparate systems and removing siloed information. Automate approvals and create or maintain your workflows. Even the most complex quotes are easily managed with CPQ.
  • Control what’s being offered and what’s being sold. Eliminate pricing & costing errors or offering products that are simply no longer available. Your sales reps can become product experts in minutes by capitalizing on guided selling tools which only allow for approved configurations.
  • Faster go to market. Launch new revenue models and upsell opportunities quickly. Today’s customers demand more flexibility of what they buy and how they buy it. Enabling a scalable technology platform will support your company and in the future with advanced CPQ platforms available with Infor CPQ.

Some Additional Advantages of Using CPQ Software

With an advanced CPQ platform, your dealers & sales network can configure the right product offerings and generate appropriate pricing and discount structure to meet the goals of your company. You can fully customize quotes quickly while seamlessly integrating with your existing enterprise software, resulting in more sales and satisfied customers.

Want to Know More About CPQ?