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How to Continue Selling While Social Distancing

Authored By: Megan Marsh
April 30th, 2020

Infor CPQ Allows Manufacturers to Harness the Full Power of the Contact-Less Sales Process

Challenges and changes from COVID-19 continue to weigh on manufacturers throughout the nation. Factories have started or will soon start enacting physical and social distancing in their work environments. Upholding social distancing measures will cause less face-to-face communication amongst employees and customers. This raises red flags for many manufacturers who worry that efficiency and output will decrease due to a lack of communication. Luckily, these worries can be negated with the adoption of innovation throughout their organizations.

The manufacturing industry has adapted and will continue to adapt to these striking changes. The health and safety of people are essential in the industry. The way facilities run will evolve into a more sanitary style with a decentralized workforce. Business will rely on technology and software to lead this new way of working. Manufacturers and suppliers will use nonconventional, innovative ways to communicate and connect with each other, dealers, and customers. The software will help facilities collaborate and automate their processes. With Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software, manufacturers can streamline their ordering process to be as efficient and safe as possible. CPQ software is a centralized, online ordering system, ideal for remote collaboration and an optimized, contactless sales process.

Simplified Product Visualization: The Invaluable Benefit of Infor CPQ

Contactless Sales Software

Sales representatives can communicate and submit orders remotely with Infor CPQ. There is no longer a need for anyone to pass product catalogs and various papers back and forth. Product options are presented in a simple, step-by-step guided selection method, making even the most complex product configurations comprehensible for the customer. When creating a quote, 2D images populate during the selections, giving the customer a visual representation of what the product will look like. With Infor CPQ software customers can feel confident with the design and specifications of the product their ordering, without ever seeing the product in person. When the configuration is complete, the salesperson can automatically send a quote document to the customer. This quick remote communication builds trust from the customer and will ultimately lead to more sales for the team.

Seamless ERP Integrations For Manufacturing Companies

Not only does Infor CPQ connect a sales team with eager customers; it also connects the sales team with the shop floor employees. Infor CPQ integrates with the ERP system of a manufacturer to connect the entire organization. Once the customer is ready to order, the sales representative can submit and send the order to the ERP system, eliminating the need to pass a quote to someone else for order entry. These submissions can include BOMs, routings, instructions, and product details. With straight forward communication amongst the sales team and shop floor, errors dwindle, and resources are saved. Sales representatives and dealers can accomplish all of this remotely, during social distancing for health and safety.

Learn More About Infor CPQ Software & Empower Your Sales Team

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 has changed and will continue to change the way that we live everyday life. It is imperative that manufacturers adapt to these changes for the health and safety of everyone. Producing adequate output while following guidelines is challenging during this difficult time, but innovative software systems make it easier. Engage in powerful sales conversations and send orders remotely with Infor CPQ. Empowering your sales team is essential for manufacturing success in times of hardship.