Expanding into new countries is one of the key steps for any company that is trying to grow their consumer base. This is especially true when you take into account that the largest country in the world only has 18% of the population in it. This leaves 82% of other people completely out of that group of potential customers. However, with going global there are some hurdles to work through regarding currency exchange, time zone differences and language barriers.

Using a robust product configurator built for multi-language use will grow your businesses success in home and international markets.

 A key part that is often an obstacle to deal with is the complications of exchanging currency between nations. This is a necessary part of running any transaction and comes with hurdles on time efficiency, human error, and dynamic exchange rates.  However, using a product configurator tackles this problem and minimizes it by having different currencies already implemented into the system. As well as, having the option to have custom exchange rates if a future deal is agreed upon. Using this program makes this currency exchange hurdles for business a side note.

Even when you have currency exchange figured out being available is still one of the most important things when it comes to finding new opportunities. If a customer doesn’t receive a response quickly, they will often forget about the opportunity. This risk is elevated when the customer potentially does not live in the same time zone of hemisphere. That is where a CPQ would solve this problem. When a customer stumbles across your product while it the middle of the evening in your time zone there is no issue when the CPQ can create a customized quote for them straight from the website. Just like that you can sell your product anytime, anywhere from your website.

One of the best options that Infor makes available when it comes to language barriers is being able to have your entire catalog switched over to another language. Every part of this program has been translated into 8 of the largest languages. With this capability it makes entering into new markets much easier and gives your sales reps one less thing to worry about.

Investing into a product configurator software has shown through many different companies and studies that it is well worth the decision to implement it. Infor CPQ returns $6.22 on every $1 spent. The opportunities that a CPQ provides to a company in both streamlining their current sales while also being the next step towards expanding globally or with new partners makes it invaluable. At RenaissanceTech we specialize in Configure Price Quote solutions and can equip your company for the next steps of breaking into new markets that previously seemed impossible.