CPQ for Agricultural, Construction & Mining Equipment Manufacturers

Empower Your Equipment Sales Team with CPQ

When manufacturing large equipment for construction or other purposes, there is no room for error. These large products are a costly necessity to any project. The work of large equipment manufacturers needs to run at the utmost efficiency to get products in the hands of customers who need them. Maximize outcomes and mitigate errors with CPQ for agricultural, construction and mining equipment.

Start Selling More

From Complex to Concrete

The sales process is more complex than the equipment being sold

While there are many models, attachments, features, and options that affect price and delivery of equipment, the Dealer’s sales process is even more challenging, as each new quotation may need to consider:

  • Rent versus Lease versus Buy
  • Used equipment trade-ins
  • Attachment compatibility
  • Inventory availability (floor plan or factory depot)
  • Applicable marketing promotions
  • Federal, State & Local Regulatory issues

Make the Most Out of a Quote

Give your sales team the tools to meet each customer’s specific requirements by easily finding the exact product configuration needed.

Boost sales performance.

Ensure that even your newest hire is the product expert that customers expect. You can successfully guide buyers through all product options. More experienced sales reps can share selling approaches in the system to help attain a higher quote-to-order ratio.

Make it easy for distributors.

Salespeople from distributors or dealers of your product can produce an integrated quote to the customer, including their own product or service add-ons. They have constant access to a simple dealer portal where orders are configured and managed to meet the best combination for the customer. .

Better manage product innovation.

In the agriculture equipment industry customers demand technologically advance equipment. With Infor CPQ, you can quickly develop new products to meet these demands. Offer new products, configurations, pricing options electronically and according to your exact standards. You can roll out minor product and pricing changes at any time over your CPQ system.

Refine Your Process & Reduce Costs

Deliver the perfect order.

Customers can visually confirm the equipment during the ordering process with Infor CPQ. You can be confident that the order you submit to manufacturing reflects the exact configuration and arrives on time, at the specified cost. Eliminate the frustration caused by delivering the wrong product or late order.

Automate manufacturing instructions.

Dynamically create bill of materials (BOMs) and manufacturing instructions with Infor CPQ. You can automatically store product orders and instructions in your ERP system for manufacturing. The software can also generate 2D drawings to accurately show the shop floor what to build. You will be able to reduce scrap and increase yield with CPQ software.

Reduce labor requirements.

You can create a rules-based process that avoids the tedious task of creating thousands of configured part numbers. Since the manufacturing instructions and order information only needs to be recorded once, you can spend your time innovating your products and system. Since all product descriptions and pricing are built into your CPQ system, you won’t need to have price books or rekey orders into your ERP system.

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