Avoid painful sales mistakes and engineering headaches in your quoting and ordering process.

If you have a large product catalog or are a manufacturer of highly complex products, it’s easy for even your most seasoned sales reps or estimators to make mistakes in quote creation for a customer. In the best-case scenario, this slows down your sales process, but at the worst can be costly to your business. Utilizing a CPQ software capable of guided selling will help you avoid painful sales mistakes and engineering headaches in your quoting and ordering process.

How Does CPQ Software Actually Help?

It’s no secret that customers are more in tune with the online buying experience than ever before. Your dealers and distributors need a clean interface that is laid out to perfectly guide them on where to go—from product catalog to quote entry. Infor cloud CPQ features an out-of-the-box dealer portal. You can create a standard homepage for your dealers that outlines exactly where they need to go to accomplish a successful quote or order.

Using Product Parameters

Because Infor CPQ is a rules-based configurator, you decide what parameters prompt your salespeople, dealers, or other end users along to the most logical product choice for their needs. This can come through a combination of question-and-answer prompts, as well as notifications and barriers that stop a user from making invalid selections.

Setting Up Pricing Rules and Requirements Through CPQ

If internal sales is your main group generating quotes, you can set up the pricing requirements that are unique to your company, whether that’s discounts, tiers, or any other special pricing. Your salespeople are empowered to create quotes that fit the end customer’s needs without cutting into your bottom line. If you want the ability to create managerial pricing approvals, this can also be accomplished through workflows in Infor CPQ.

If your sales primarily come through a dealer channel, you want to make sure the experience of your dealers sets them up with the knowledge to buy exactly what they need, even if they are unsure of what that is. Guided selling in Infor CPQ saves time for everyone involved, whether that’s the end user trying to buy your products, or your employees who have to answer the phones to take calls from customers who are confused about what they need.

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